Dog Food Calculator

Dog Food Calculator

The amount you should feed your dog
on a raw dog diet can vary depending
on factors such as your dog's age, weight,
activity level, and overall health.
As a general guideline, it is recommended
to feed adult dogs 2-3% of their body weight
per day, spread out over two meals. Most feed 2.5%.

Serving Size:

This is a raw dog food diet, sold in 40lb boxes. Inside each box you can choose 2lb, 5lb, or 10lb bags. 

  • 80% Muscle Meat (Beef/Whole Salmon)
  • 10%  Secreting organs include liver, kidney, testicles, brain and spleen (Beef/Whole Salmon)
  • 10% Bone (Beef/Whole Salmon)

We do not ship, we are a pickup only Utah distributor. Everything we sell is preordered. We do have a "Pick Up Now" Option during checkout if you would like to try it or if you run out of food. Pickup location will be in Provo, Utah & SLC, Utah. At checkout you will select which time frame and location works best. All sales are final, if you can't show up on the selected day of pickup (during checkout), you will not get your money back. Make sure you can either come in person or send somebody to pick up your order. We will send out several reminders before pickup. Each of you will need to create an account before buying so we can update you weekly/monthly. 


  • Chunky Grind (see pictures)
  • Bone (We use a lot of bone dust, bone mill, and actual bone)
  • Everything is mixed together and packages
  • You can thaw and refreeze one time for all you meal preppers out there
  • No additives and no preservatives added
  • USDA and FDA approved manufacture
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